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About Logic Based Health

When I started Logic Based Health in 2017, I envisioned it as a way to promote the best of traditional medicine and so called "alternative" medicine. At first, I used this space to hold everyone accountable for owning their health outcomes because maximizing physical and mental health can only come from intentional, daily effort. By promoting a new approach to learning about wellness., using logical thinking, I sought to motivate people to thoroughly research all the information available to them and make reasoned decisions about their overall health.  Since then, the United States has fallen behind European countries in our health outcomes and the trend lines are only getting worse during the 2020's. So I have reinvented Logic Based Health, kept the original core values and took a more fun and humorous approach to attract readers to LBH and get them motivated to take action. Too many have tuned out or given up on health because of the pandemic and all the misinformation out there. People are confused, frustrated and sick of hearing about it. Too many have issues that they cannot afford to deal with, even with insurance. Too many are diseased and dying young. Let's work together to change that.

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