The Concept of Logic Based Health

The concept behind Logic Based Health is pretty self-explanatory, but the reasons behind the title are fairly complex.  We live in an era with the greatest amount of choices for improving our health and yet the choices are so complex and varied that it is impossible to know anything for certain.  I certainly do not have all the answers I seek and I study it all the time.  Faced with all the information and disinformation we see from the medical community and the health food/alternative medicine community it is no wonder that many give up trying or latch on to simple answers for their health concerns.  But in order to be the best we can be we have to persevere and seek as much knowledge as possible and apply logic when we examine information.

Dollars drive a majority of the information we see on the internet, on television and at our health practitioners.  That does not mean that the information is wrong; often it is right.  But dollars and the lack thereof drive people to exaggerate, lie and take advantage of others.  One would hope that our elected officials would roll up their sleeves and work with everyone to create better health outcomes.  Instead we hear of bills that would strip people of insurance, harm the medical care system and cause suffering and death to many of our citizens.  So our only choice is to take control over our own health by learning as much as possible, questioning everyone involved with our medical care and use logic to make our health decisions.

I believe in using the best ideas from the traditional medical community and the best ideas from the health food/alternative medicine community.  Both sides hang on to outdated ideas and are slow to react to new information.  They often follow the herd mentality.  I will attempt with my blog, Meetup group and the book I will publish in early 2018 to provide the best information on a wide range of health topics.  I promise to speak the truth and to help anyone I can.  Any comments are welcome as long as they are not sales pitches, are not hateful and are logic based.  I was going to say science based, but sometimes science is associated with an argument that pesticides and pesticide laced foods are harmless.  I will go into that in detail in a future blog.

Welcome to my website!  Articles will be posted several times a week.  Please come back for more.

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