Latest Olive Oil Studies Provide Support for Cardiovascular Risk Reduction

A meta-analysis published in 2018 has spawned articles ranging from 48% less cardiovascular events to more studies are needed. Two of the takeaways that I found interesting were that high-polyphenol count olive oil was given the nod when it comes to the very best outcomes and that olive oils role in the Mediterranean Diet is being given more and more credit. I am currently taking a high polyphenol olive oil along with a high polyphenol grape seed/pine bark supplement. We will go into greater detail in the 2018 research review portion of our meetup Wednesday January 16. Suzanne from Oli+Ve will have some olive oil at the meeting. Plus Dr. Doug Wichman who told us about Oleocanthal (an olive oil ingredient) and its role in destroying cancer cells will be there as well.

The oil research portion of the program will also touch on Black Seed, CBD and Sea Buckthorn oil as well. The genetic research portion will also be of great interest because of brand new research on cancer variability with certain gene variations. Please bring plenty of questions for Dr. Wichman and me as we want to make this meeting as informative as possible.

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