Longevity, Telomeres and Mindfulness

In our November 18, 2018 Logic Based Health Meetup, our theme was longevity. We discussed the importance of mitochondrial energy and some of the latest supplements that have been shown to possibly enhance mitochondrial health. Mitochondrial health has been at the forefront of longevity research and is increasingly viewed as a key to wellness as we age.

The big event at the LBH Meetup was the presentation by Dr. Olga Lazar from Emory University and Emory Hospital on the importance of telomeres relative to longevity. Her presentation on many of the tenets of the book “The Telomere Effect” by Elizabeth Blackburn and Elissa Epel was not only informative, but moving as well. Dr. Lazar especially focused on mindfulness and how she used it in her daily routine at the hospital. You will have to buy the book to get a full picture. But it involves living in the now, expanding your awareness, lowering stress, and reducing negative thought patterns.

Mindfulness is a way to better ageing that does not involve supplements or exercise or clean eating etc. Sure, I am a big supplement advocate. And my next blog will be on the confusion around fish oil supplements and cardiovascular health. But I have decided personally to embrace mindfulness, going so far as to buy the “Telomere Effect” and a copy on “The Mindfulness Journal” magazine (at Barnes & Noble). My initial thoughts are that it is of great benefit and can be life changing.

Every day, life is a little bit different. We do so many things that challenge us, even stressful things, but when we go back to our core values, the stress recedes. Everybody feels they have something to offer, everybody feels a purpose. We just have to find the space that inspires us to say I am going to go out and find out what I was meant to do and who I am. We might wake up with a bad mood. We might feel really down. Mindfulness can be there for us. It’s not that you meditate, or clear you mind or do a good deed or relax and all your problems disappear or suddenly you have all the knowledge to work them out. But it gives you a place to start to make sense of things and to see the beauty and positivity that is around you. For me, I am always relaxed and inspired by the power of nature. I tried to carry the message of mindfulness to the golf course this weekend, soaking in my old friends, our laughs and our memories. The beauty of the mountains, the lakes and the animals created a peace and tranquility that helped me be a better friend and to bring that tranquility home with me.

I hope to infuse the Logic Based Health ecosystem with positive mind body connection along with the supplement, treatment and informational aspects of my work. It is exciting to get this influx of anti-ageing information from the traditional medical community. My goal is to create meetings, articles and a book that brings together the best of the traditional medical community with science based alternative therapies such as supplementation. I owe Dr. Lazar along with my Logic Based Health sponsors and supporters a lot. I am very thankful.

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