New Cancer Breakthrough

Scientists unveiled a new cancer treatment on Monday that can remove tumors, reduce side effects and prevent the disease from coming back better than current techniques.

The treatment, called Caspase Independent Cell Death (CICD), was shown to effectively remove tumors in experimental models. Unlike chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy, which use a process called apoptosis to kill cancer cells, CICD was shown to cause fewer side effects,

It is always great to hear of new advances in medicine, whether they are traditional or non-traditional. Combining the two is the best of both worlds. The apoptosis process is one that a lot of natural substances utilize. By feeding the body these substances like EGCG from green tea instead of dangerous substances we possibly can help to mitigate the toxic attack on our bodies from the 21st century environment we live in. And if we can afford traditional medicine, maybe someday we can use CICD to cure us.

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