Fish Oil: Dangerous or Great?

There is a book and a study on omega 3 consumption relative to health outcomes that has prominent visibility on MSN and other popular news sites. The upshot on these is that omega 3’s from fish and fish oil supplements is pretty useless. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but there seems to be no counterbalance on these articles within the websites that prominently display them. There is a lot of confusion out there and no one van blame a consumer for not knowing what information to trust.

An article in Science News cites a Journal of Internal Medicine study of over 400,000 men and women that showed 8 to 9 percent lower all-cause mortality between the highest and lowest intake of fish and long-chain omega 3 fatty acids. This completely contradicts the “fish oil does not do anything” proponents. There are so many studies showing health benefits to healthy oils such as fish and olive.

Please note that there are no studies stating that fried fish does anything for anyone and can be harmful, especially for women. I like to consume a lot of wild salmon, a little tuna salad (more if it were not for the mercury) and high quality fish oil supplements on days when I do not eat fish. Fish and fish oil are not a cure all, but evidence is mounting that it is a smart move to be in the high consumption group.